Talro Car Insurance Tiger vs. Legacy Car Insurance



Talro Car insurance, together with Legacy car insurance, are by far one of the most affordable auto-insurance programs. Talro car insurance has a low rating of two stars on Yelp, whilst Legacy Car insurance only has one. However, considering the clients who go for such insurance, we can’t help but applaud them for providing low-cost insurance for vehicles that don’t need any.

These two auto-insurance covers have received more criticism than praise from their customers. They both feature slow customer service, several complaints about nonpayment, and general customer dissatisfaction. Some users have experienced okay benefits, but the majority are yet to be impressed.

Talro is the lowest rated of the two with an F rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), an organization dedicated to advancing marketplace trust and confidence. Moreover, the company has been noted to have employees who haven’t been properly trained in their field.

We are going to take a dive into the comparison of their reputation, policies, coverage, and finally, their cons and pros. Our intention is to showcase what makes for good insurance coverage, and what you should definitely avoid when it comes to low-cost insurance.

A brief background on Talro Car Insurance vs. Legacy Car insurance

Talro Car Insurance

Talro Insurance agency started in 1960 and grew to be one of the leading auto insurance agencies in the Chicagoland area. The company specializes in insuring drivers of all calibers, drivers with bad driving records, no license, and out-of-date license. They also guarantee drivers with international licenses suspended licenses, revoked ones, and even expired ones.
It is mentioned in their portfolio that their doors are open seven days a week. It also says that you can contact them via the contacts and communication channels on their website 24/7.

Legacy Car Insurance

Legacy Car Insurance services are part of the Western National Insurance Group. It is an agency that provides personal car insurance via a web of independent agents. The agency is fully dedicated to its independent agent partners since the company does not sell directly to the customers.

Detailed Comparison of Talro Car Insurance and Legacy Car Insurance

1. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is not only good for the company but also for the customers who usually pay a whopping $1,674 per year for their car insurance. As mentioned earlier, Talro and Legacy car insurance companies are some of the lowest-rated auto-insurance agencies out there. They have more negative feedback than they do positive feedback. The low ratings not only come from customers but employees too.

Yelp has Talro Insurance agency at just two stars with over 40 reviews from legitimate customers. Despite such a low ranking, a couple of its long-term customers have mentioned how impeccable and outstanding the company’s customer service is. The same opinion was not shared by its recent and new customers.

Customers who have used the agency for a couple of years mention how close the customer care agents were. However, it should be noted that the good experiences are limited to a couple of employees in the company, not the company as a whole. Several complaints mention how a majority of the employees are unprofessional and unhelpful when it came to claims.

It is a well-known concept that a company’s reputation can be gauged by its online presence. Talro car insurance has an outdated online presence; on social media and its website, thus reducing the brand’s outreach and trustworthiness. Despite that, the company makes it easy to get a quote using a step-by-step procedure on its website.

The story is not so different with Legacy car insurance. It has a one-star rating on Yelp with over 21 reviews. They also have a terrible reputation at BBB, and most people who have used the coverage do not recommend it. The low-cost coverage they have is a plus for many, however, the company’s slowness in paying claims has sent away many.

To add salt to injury, Legacy car insurance employees have been noted to be a bit unprofessional. Sadly enough, these same employees have complained about the company too; specifically, their poor training and terrible communication equipment. The upside to all of this is that the benefits are great for the employees and the working hours are favorable.

2. Policy

Talro car insurance provides you with two types of policies when you ask for a quote; the liability-only policy and the full-coverage policy. Both are for a 12-month period. You have the option of experimenting with various coverage limits to gauge the best rates for you.

To find your best rates, you will have to opt for the online options or use the number on their page to ask a Talro employee. The Talro customer service number is (773) 205-8255 that you can call 24/7 to get a personalized quote from an experienced professional.

Your quote will depend on your vehicle model, year of make, and mileage on it. Personally, I asked for a quotation for a 2005 Acura 1.7EL car. The following are the quotations I was given:

Liability only – a 12-month policy with one payment of $209 with nine additional payments of $88.78 or a one-off payment of $836. The liability plan’s coverage limits include $25,000/50,000 for bodily injuries, $20,000 for property damage, $1,000 for medical payments and $25,000/$50,000 for UnIns’d Motorist.
Full coverage – a 12-month policy with one payment of $1,167 with nine additional payments of $433.05 or a one-off payment of $4,667. The full coverage limits include $25,000/50,000 for bodily injuries, $20,000 for property damage, $1,000 for medical payments and $25,000/$50,000 for UnIns’d Motorist. Additionally, there is a $500 deductible amount for comprehensiveness and collisions.
Legacy car insurance’s website is not so different from that of Talro. The only major difference is that unlike Talro, you cannot obtain a quotation from their website. You will need to contact the agents, using the contact information on their website, to get a quote.

We live in the age of the internet of things, where quotes from insurance companies can be readily found on the internet. Talro shines over Legacy car insurance by providing an easier way to get quotations that Legacy does not provide. In addition, contacting the agency resulted in a very slow response that did not lead to any fruitful outcome.

The only concrete conclusion I could find on their packages is that they offer low-cost options that may be favorable to campus and high school drivers. The coverage does not cater to specialized deluxe plans that involve windshield coverage, comprehensive coverage with low deductibles, or roadside assistance. The same applies to Talro car insurance.

3. Cashless Facility

Both companies accept all forms of payment. Whether you are going cashless or just prefer cash, do not worry; Talro and Legacy accept both. They have payment options for credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover), phone payments, Western Union, online payments, and cash.

4. Stress-free Claims

Most negative reviews of the Talro agency entail poor customer service, particularly when it came to filing claims. The same thing occurs with Legacy. Since these are small insurance companies, they tend to focus more on staying afloat instead of providing great service for the customers.

Additionally, the particular customers for such covers tend to only want the insurance for legal purposes. The customers usually own cars that they do not drive on a regular basis. Some of them are students who cannot afford a more premium option.

With that in mind, anyone who wants to get insurance to just fulfill a legal requirement should definitely check them out. However, you should look for a more premium option if you are serious about insuring an item and don’t want to worry about claims.

Insurance is mandatory, but most people will rarely get to use the insurance. Therefore, companies such as these tend to provide you with a low-cost option with the hopes that you will never have to file a claim. This is evident in their low-quality customer services and very stressful claims. Despite that, they are loved and praised by long-term customers due to their attractive longer coverage packages.

5. Pros & Cons Comparison of Talro Car Insurance and Legacy Car Insurance

Talro Car Insurance


Long-term users receive impeccable customer care.
The quotes are relatively low-cost and affordable for the majority of first-time car owners.
It is easy to get a quote through their website or a phone call.

The customer service is not up to standard and could use some improvement.
Claims take a long time and are tedious to file.

Legacy Car Insurance


Low-cost policies are favorable for campus and high school students.
Employees rated the work-life balance as the most beneficial aspect of working with Legacy.

It can take over nine whole days to perform inspections and purchase the insurance.
The customer service is not up to standard and could use some improvement.
The claims are hard to process, and compensation can take several months – some have reported up to 8 months.
There is no option of getting a quote straight from their website.


I’m sure by now you already know if Talro and Legacy car insurance is for you. You will not find premium plans that involve comprehensive coverage, roadside assistance, and windshield coverage with any of the two. High school, campus students, and individuals who have little finances, but are careful with their cars, are the target audience.

Talro and Legacy will provide you with cheap coverage that you will never have to think about. Their offices and contacts are readily available on their respective sites. Feel free to go there and get your low-cost insurance today.